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Philosophy & Values: 

A Letter from the Preschool Director

Dear Families,

We know that choosing a school can be not only exciting but also daunting. During this time, I want to give you a very important message:

You are just right.

At Kane Street Kids, we encourage children and families to come as they are—we want to support you and your child however we can through the stages and phases of early childhood. We believe that relationships are at the heart of our work with young children, and we work hard to build trusting bonds with the children in our care as well as all of the adults in their lives.

We believe that children thrive when they are valued for who they are and given space to grow into who they can be. We love all of the different ways they look, dress, speak, laugh, and play.

I would encourage you to explore our website and visit the school, as you will see these values in action. That being said, I will leave you with one more thought:

Each classroom community of children, families, and teachers is a beautiful garden. There are no weeds in our community. Only incredibly varied, unique, and wonderful flowers.


Cam Lieberson
Preschool Director
Kane Street Kids

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