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What Are Student to Teacher Ratios? 

We have a 6:1 student to teacher ratio for twos classes, and a 7:1 student to teacher ratio for threes classes and Pre-K.

Are there extended day options? 

Yes, we offer both early drop off and afternoon extensions. 

All families can sign their child up for early drop-off beginning at 8:00am. During this time, children will play with friends and teachers in the “Big Room.”

Extended day is offered until 2:30pm for half-day threes and 3:30pm for all 3s and Pre-K children. Children who extend their day will engage in a specialty activity run by one of our teachers, as well as large motor playtime and an afternoon snack. This year, we are offering Hebrew, music, yoga, arts & crafts and STEM activities after school!

What is the age cutoff for each our your programs?

We generally follow the DOE cutoff, dictating that a child must turn the age corresponding to their program by December 31st. If your child is turning two mid-year, please reach out, and we can help make a plan that works for your family. 

Does my child have to be toilet-trained to attend Kane Street Kids? 

We do not require children to be toilet trained when they start school. We follow the family’s lead in toilet training and offer support and gentle encouragement. Children are taken on field trips to the bathroom with peers who are already using the toilet. We allow interest to develop and will offer children the opportunity to sit on the toilet without making them feel pressured. Please understand that children may be at a different stage of toilet training at home than what they display in school. 

How are difficult moments handled? 

Our responsibility is to help children co-regulate and feel supported through hard moments, so they can continue to be safe and engaged. To achieve this, we do not use time-outs or isolation methods. We teach strategies that children can use to get their needs met and to express their feelings in more effective ways. We encourage children to check in with a friend who may feel hurt by their behavior to see if they can help.

Is snack served at school? 

Yes, KSK provides a light snack for students every day, consisting of an allergen-free crunchy option, such as tortilla chips or pretzels, and a fruit or vegetable. 

Is lunch served at school? 

Full day students eat lunch at school, and are asked to pack a lunch. 

Can you accommodate students with severe allergies?

Yes! We have experience working with families whose children have severe allergies. We work together with you and your child’s teachers to make a plan that works.

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