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Identity, Justice, and Belonging

It is of the highest priority to us that every child and adult in the KSK community feels that they belong here. One way we try to deepen a feeling of true belonging and compassion is to grow our awareness of our own identities and what that means about how we navigate the world. It is also important to us that we are open to receiving feedback from families and other community members regarding how we are upholding these standards.


Here are some of the values we uphold as a part of our identity, justice, and belonging work with young children:

We are the Same, We are Different 

We can connect about our similarities and acknowledge and celebrate our differences across identity strands, including our skin color and hair, abilities, families, traditions, and gender expressions and identities. Differences are good and make our community special.

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Equity, Not Equality

 Everyone’s needs are different. I can ask for what I need, and my community will help me get it.

I Am Just Right; I Belong 

My body, brain, and heart are beautiful just the way they are. I don’t need to change who I am to be loved and accepted. I belong here.

Impact Over Intent

We can take accountability for the impact of our actions. If we hurt a friend with our body or words, we can check in and see if we can help make it better.

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